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Yea Big Al Reilly! Nice....(ya know)
Ok, we all know who the most annoying person in this world is...MONICA! Shut the fuk up! Al r~ whats up? big al reilly...you don't wanna mess with her! Kill yourself (refer to drawing) Billlllly! hey hey..remember what we gotta keep on the down low? hehe yea...Danielle and Deirg~YO!
you guys can come over and swim this summer and maybe i will unzip you with my teeth...haha isnt that funny deirdre!
Who do I love?
ok ok
Kevin meehan is the best kid ever and i love him so much!
Brian gallop...yea i want on it! i like him alot
J.c i still like you sweetie and i always will :)
Anita and Karen...u sucked last night
tom m--> can i please come down the shore with u?

Who do I hate?
alot of people
Favourite links

The girls who have everything
in here for al reilly

The Ultimate Sound Station
some real funny stuff

Seethelight...The Lighter Side of the Web
funny stuff again

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